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Fishery and smokehouses in the Schlei region

Real tradition in the middle of the modern age

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The daily work of the Schlei fishermen

Tight lines at the crack of dawn

42 kilometres of Schlei means 42 kilometres of sweet water with a small concentration of salt from the Baltic Sea. From the eel to the zander – the Schlei is home to many fish species.  In the spring, it is the herring, in particular, which comes into the Schlei. On that occasion, Kappeln celebrates the Heringstage (herring days) every year during the Ascension Day weekend in May.

Furthermore, here in this Schlei town, you can see the only intact fish weir for herrings in all of Europe. Starting in September, it is the salmon which enter the Schlei to spawn while in the winter many plaice can be found here.

This richness in species is, of course, something very special for fishermen. During the early morning hours, they are already on their way out on the Schlei with their small fishing boats hauling their nets which they laid out the previous evening.

Daily routine of the Schlei Fishermen

Catching and working with fish

  • Fischernetze in Boknis auf der Schlei
  • Fischer Ross mit Aal auf der Schlei in Boknis
  • Heringe aus der Schlei
  • Fische im Räucherofen in der Fischräucherei Föh in Kappeln

Freshly caught specialties from the Schlei and Baltic Sea

Local products fresh from the water onto the table

There are many places where you can find freshly caught fish sold directly from the fishing boat - a fascination for both locals and holidaymakers. Whether you buy your fish from the fisherman Jörn Ross at the Schleswig city harbour or his colleague Jörg Nadler at the Hotel Strandhalle in Schleswig - most times it's the fisherman himself offering fish in this convivial atmosphere, which makes this experience quite special.

You don't need to miss out on fresh fish at the Schwansen peninsula either. In Missunde, fisherman Nanz offers his catch once a week.

In Lindau, one of the Schlei villages, fish smokehouse Schulz comes up with nice delicacies freshly out of the smoking oven. Speaking of which: the most popular smokehouse in the region, fish smokehouse Föh, can be found in Kappeln. Follow the three chimneys with the label A-A-L and you can't miss it.

The fish smokehouse Wolter, also located in Kappeln, also offers great fish delicacies freshly out of the smoking oven. Perhaps you are more into the classic freshly caught fish? Drop by at Kappln's fishing harbour where you can get high-quality fish directly from the boat or visit the traditional fish market of the town which takes place at every second Sunday a month.

Have you found a holiday home in Kappeln? Why not visit the fishing harbour in Maashom or the fish shop Petersen in Uleweg, also located in Maasholm? In Hasselberg/Kieholm at the Geltinger Bucht there is another fish smokehouse offering smoked delicacies.

Sepcialities of smokehouses and Restaurants

Having a closer look at smokers

  • Aale im Räucherofen der Fischräucherei Föh in Kappeln
  • Fisch aus dem Räucherofen der Fischräucherei Föh in Kappeln
  • Fischgericht in Odins Gasthaus in Haddeby
  • Fischgericht in der Wikingerschänke in Busdorf

Fishing holidays at the Schlei

Popular fishing spots and offices for licences

While herring and eel can be mainly caught at the Schlei, the Baltic Sea offers codfish and sea trout for ambitious fishermen. Your best chance to catch trout is at the shore, in Waabs at the Schwansen peninsula or Falshöft at the Geltinger Bucht for example.

Or you can fish from aboard. Some regional companies offer boat trips and take you along onto the Baltic Sea. Besides ideal fishing requirements, you can also get some great pointers from a professional fisherman.

You will need a general licence for fishing in the Schlei and Baltic Sea. However, there is an exception to putting your skills to the test. Holidaymakers can buy a so-called "Urlauberschein" (holiday licence) for €20 (which includes a fishing tax). An extension can be purchased for another €10 (administration fee).





Licences for fishing

Where you can purchase your licences for fishing at the Schlei Region

SWhere you can get your fishing licences

Stadt Schleswig: Fachbereich Sicherheit/Ordnung, Rathausmarkt 1, Phone: 04621 814322

Amt Haddeby: Rendsburger Str. 54 c, 24866 Busdorf, Phone: 04621 3890

Amt Schlei: Schmiederedder 2, 24357 Fleckeby, Phone: 04354 - 808260

Schlei Villages

Amt Südangeln: Toft 7, 24860 Böklund, Phone: 04623 - 7810

Recommended spots for fishing at the Schlei

Where you've got good chances to catch some fish

SRecommended spots for fishing
Alte Ziegelei near Borgwedel

Address: Achterwisch, 24857 Borgwedel

Königsburg near Bohnert

Address: Königsburg, 24354 Kosel


Address: Strandstraße bei Lindaukamp 4, 24392 Boren

Missunde at the Panzerbrücke

Address: Margarethenwall, 24864 Brodersby

"Beach" near Gut Bienebek

Address: Bienebek, 24351 Thumby

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