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Bike rentals at the Schlei

When you want to leave your bike at home

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Rent a bike or go on a hike

Our bike rentals introduce themselves

Schleifahrrad in Schleswig

You want to move around between the Schlei and the Baltic Sea with a bike but leave your own bike at home?

That's no problem, as there are many bike rentals in the region which offer the perfect saddle for everyone. Whether you want a rapeseed-yellow Schlei-bike, mountain bike, e-bike or hand cycle – you can have a good time with all kinds of models. Repair and delivery services to your holiday location are available too. Simply communicate your individual bike preferences to the rental location.

SBike renters at Schlei & Baltic Sea
Viking city of Schleswig

Röhling Bike rental (also rents E-Bikes)

Knud-Laward-Straße 30, 24837 Schleswig
Phone: +49 4621-993030

Splettstößer Bike rental (also rents E-Bikes)

Bismarckstraße 13, 24837 Schleswig
Phone: +49 4621-24102

e-bike Center Nord (also rents E-Bikes)

Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 13, 24837 Schleswig
Phone: +49 4621-482628


Schmidt Bike Rental (also rents E-Bikes)

Schmiedestraße 30, 24376 Kappeln
Phone: +49 4642-3606

Schlei Villages

Brodersby bike rental

Burger Weg 7, 24864 Brodersby-Burg
Phone: +49 170-3888838 or +49 171-1952277


Seemann/Schlei-Ostsee-Fahrrad UG Winnemark (also rents E-Bikes)

Dorfstraße 20, 24398 Winnemark
Phone: +49 4644-1065

Seemann/Schlei-Ostsee-Fahrrad UG (hb) Damp (also rents E-Bikes)

Zur Niebymole 1, 24351 Damp
Phone: +49 4352-9489910

Wilke bike rental

Dorfstraße 40, 24354 Rieseby
Phone: +49 4355-1814434

Geltinger Bucht

Dibbern bike rental

Noorweg 107, 24404 Maasholm-Bad
Phone: +49 4642-6893

Clausen bike rental

Gundelsby 11, 24376 Hasselberg
Phone: +49 4643-674

Ehlers bike rental

Groß-Quern 24, 24972 Quern
Phone: +49 4632-7163

On a cycling tour

Moments of a cycling tour in the Schlei region

  • Fahrradtour in Boren
  • Fahrradtour an der Schlei
  • Picknick am Schneiderhaken in Lindaukamp
  • Ausblick auf die Lindaunisbrücke

Nice to know

Nice to know for your cycling tours

Topic tours

Topic tours

You're interested in a special topic in our Schlei-Baltic Sea-Region? Why not discovering it on two wheels?



Follow the traces of wikings and friesian history on the wiking and friesian path between north and baltic sea.



Distance of the Ochsenweg is 245 kilometre from Flensburg via Schleswig and Rendsburg up to Wdedel near Hamburg. Its origin in the 19. century leads us to the old town of Schleswig, to the cathedral of Sankt Peter to the Sankt Johannis monastery as well as to the Bibelgarten and Waldemarsmauer of Danevirke.



Flensburg in the north, Lübeck in the south and the Schwansen peninsula in the golden middle of the Ostseeküstenradweg.


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Guest Feedback

The Schlei-Baltic Sea-Region as a perfect cycling destination

We are passionate cyclers and never thought of these hilly routs up in the north of Germany. It really was a big surprise. Our children love horses and are looking forward to every Schlei vacation for easter- or summer holidays.

Ina O. from Muenster (Germany)

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