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A 430 kilometre route along the Baltic Sea

From Flensburg to Fehmarn, crossing the Schlei region

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The Baltic Sea and all its facets

Your personal East Side Story on the coastal cycle path at the Baltic Sea

Wind in your hair, salt on your skin and a truly maritime atmosphere – that's what you can expect from this 1,000 kilometre long cycle path along the Baltic Sea, starting high up in the north in Flensburg leading to Lübeck in the southwest on a long-distance cycle track through Schleswig-Holstein. 

A section of this track leads you directly to the Schlei region, passing the Geltinger Bucht and the port of Kappeln before you reach Schwansen peninsula on a coastal path.


Your stops over here on the Ostseeküstenradweg

  • Leuchtturm Falshöft an der Geltinger Bucht
  • Heringszaun in Kappeln
  • Ostseestrand in Damp
  • Ornumer Noor in Schwansen

The sound of the waves at the Geltinger Bucht.

Real Baltic Sea flair around Gelting

At the Geltinger Bucht you can find many long beaches inviting you to linger. Even nature is at its best at the Geltinger Birk with its Konik horses, Galloway cattle and flora. At the top of the lighthouse Fahlshöft you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Baltic Sea and on a clear day you may even spot Denmark.


Moments round the Geltinger Bucht

  • Radtour an der Geltinger Birk
  • Radfahren an der Mühle Charlotte
  • Ausblick an der Geltinger Birk
  • Birkkiosk an der Geltinger Birk

Kappeln – a harbour atmosphere

Beautiful views and a delicious "Fischbrötchen" – a bread roll with fish

Arriving in Kappeln you are greeted by the flap bridge where you have an impressive view of the harbour and the only intact fish weir for herrings in all of Europe. At the fishing harbour, you can find great fish restaurants in a pleasant atmosphere. If you are only looking for a snack, why not pay a visit to Föh Fish Smokehouse where you can find a great variety of fresh "Fischbrötchen" and smoked specialties.


Kappeln Moments

  • Schleibrücke in Kappeln
  • Heringszaun in Kappeln
  • Hafenpromenade in Kappeln
  • Fischbröchten essen in Kappeln

Relaxing at the Baltic Sea Resort Damp

A bit of what you fancy does you good

Such a long ride on the coastal cycle path can wear you out. The next stage has the solution: the Baltic Sea Resort Damp where you can have a great time and gather your strength for the next stages on your route. Massages and other pleasurable exercises will relax you from top to toe. At the beach, you can get a breath of fresh air and enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the sea. Weather permitting; you can even splash in the waves.

Cycling towards Kiel and Lübeck through diverse sceneries of this level country you can enjoy great views of the Baltic Sea.


Moments at the Ostsee Resort of Damp

  • Entspannungsbad im Ostsee Resort Damp
  • Entspannungsliegen mit Ostseeblick im Ostsee Resort Damp
  • Massage mit Ölung im Vital Centrum im Ostsee Resort Damp
  • Massage im Vital Centrum im Ostsee Resort Damp

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Follow the traces of wikings and friesian history on the wiking and friesian path between north and baltic sea.



Distance of the Ochsenweg is 245 kilometre from Flensburg via Schleswig and Rendsburg up to Wdedel near Hamburg. Its origin in the 19. century leads us to the old town of Schleswig, to the cathedral of Sankt Peter to the Sankt Johannis monastery as well as to the Bibelgarten and Waldemarsmauer of Danevirke.


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The Schlei-Baltic Sea-Region as a perfect cycling destination

We are passionate cyclers and never thought of these hilly routs up in the north of Germany. It really was a big surprise. Our children love horses and are looking forward to every Schlei vacation for easter- or summer holidays.

Ina O. from Muenster (Germany)

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