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Hiking routes at the Schlei and Baltic Sea

Get up close to nature step by step

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Hiking on beautiful routes

Discover the hiking routes between Schlei and Baltic Sea

Wanderkarte von der Schlei und Ostsee

At the Schlei and Baltic sea water is never far away. On our hiking routes you'll pass beautiful nature and enjoy wonderful views to the Schlei and the Baltic sea. You'll walk right beside the water on many routes. Natural beaches are inviting you just to stay, to have a break. 30 exciting rooutes guide you through the green landscape of Schlei and Baltic Sea.

On tour by foot

Moments of hiking at the Schlei

  • Wandern am Haddebyer Noor an der Schlei
  • Wandern auf einem Wanderweg an der Schlei
  • Wandern im Sonnenuntergang an der Schlei
  • Wanderung mit Ausblick auf die Schlei

The most beautiful hiking routes of the region

From Schleswig to the Geltinger Bucht by foot

SHiking routes at the Schlei and Baltic Sea
Schleswig: Haddebyer Noor and Selker Noor

In Hedeby, the route around the Haddebyer Noor and Selker Noor starts directly at the Hedeby Viking Museum. This beautiful nature trail leads alongside the water and has some fantastic panoramic views. It gets culturally interesting when the path leads to the historic defensive wall of the Viking settlement Hedeby, the reconstructed houses and the "Königshügel" (king's hill).

Regional delicacies at restaurants along the footpath top off this route. In Selk, it's worth making a detour to the watermill of the village and in the summer to the bathing spot.

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Kappeln: Take a walk in a maritime Schlei town

Start your tour at the Amanda Mill and discover beautiful Kappeln at the Schlei. The route leads directly along the Schlei shore, the urban hinterland, through the forest and cross-country. At the port town of Kappeln, many restaurants offer delicious meals with a great view.

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Schlei Villges: Diversified idyll of the Schlei villages

A great diversity of Schlei landscapes welcomes you here in Lindau and Lindaunis. Located at the Lindauer Noor, you will find the idyllic Lindauhof – a nationally well-known location as it is the film location of the series "Der Landarzt" (the country doctor) and the Lindauhof is where he had his practice.
A detour to Lindaukamp brings you to the so-called "Schneiderhaken" – a bathing spot with great views of the flap bridge in Lindaunis.

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Schwansen: Naturally directly at the Baltic Sea

Encounter fantastic impressions and views of the great Baltic Sea countryside with its cliffs and beaches, where the deep blue sea merges with a seemingly endless horizon on this hiking route.
Leading through versatile and colourful nature, offering wonderful impressions and exceptional views. Discover long cliffs and woodlands together with long and diversified footpaths along the beach.

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Geltinger Bucht: A panoramic view of the Baltic Sea

Enjoy nature at its best in Wackerballig and Nordschauwald. There's also another treat waiting here for you: a wonderful view of the Baltic Sea, Geltinger Noor and Geltinger Birk with its windmill Charlotte.
From the dyke, you can observe waterfowl such as swans, ducks and geese.

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The Schlei-Baltic Sea-Region as a perfect cycling destination

We are passionate cyclers and never thought of these hilly routs up in the north of Germany. It really was a big surprise. Our children love horses and are looking forward to every Schlei vacation for easter- or summer holidays.

Ina O. from Muenster (Germany)

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