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Schlei Nature Park

Welcome to the northernmost nature park in Germany

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All signs are just green

This is what the nature park looks like

  • Galloway Rinder in Haithabu an der Schlei
  • Enten auf der Schlei
  • Pageroe an der Schlei
  • Ulsnis an der Schlei

The Schlei region is a true nature paradise. It's no wonder that an entire 50,000 hectares of this landscape count as a nature park. This wide variety of nature is just as much the key to your relaxing holiday as it is to our agriculture. The Naturpark Schlei e. V. (Schlei Nature Park Association) looks after this eldorado and implements cultural and natural projects in the country.

What's at the core of the Nature Park? The Schlei, as a natural lifeline, gives this region its maritime atmosphere. With its 42 kilometres, the Schlei stretches from the Viking city of Schleswig into the Baltic Sea.

The shifting from salt to brackish water is very special for the fauna here. Thanks to the calm water, the Schlei region has become a breeding, resting and wintering area for many rare bird species. Bird sanctuaries around Schleimünde have great significance throughout Europe. The Schlei Nature Park is a so-called Flora Fauna Habitat (FFH area).

Concrete Tips for your holiday

How to spend a week in the countryside

A week at the countryside
Most bautiful spots at the countryside

A week at the countryside

How to spend a week at the countryside of Schlei and baltic sea? That's what our holiday experts will show you concrete tips. Hiking, Cycling and Watersports. You'll find your perfect outdoor activity.


Most bautiful spots at the countryside

You'd like to get real Insider tips, countryside of relaxing, of calm and you don't know the Habernisser Au, the Schneiderhaken in Lindaukamp or the nature preserve of Winningmay-Reesholm? Well, it's about time to get to know these spots.


The Nature Park as a destination during your Schlei holidays

Holidays in the green area

It is believed that the countryside in the north is flat. However, the Schlei region is characteristic for its remarkably diverse scenery and it isn't as flat as you might think. Varying hilly landscapes with extensive green forests and hedge banks that are permeated with many rape and corn fields invite cycling and hiking tours to find many hidden treasures.

If you rather prefer the wet element, you can find some beautiful spots at the Schlei since many small bathing bays allow for quiet and relaxing sunbathing and refreshment far away from mass tourism.

We recommend that if you don't want to swim, you should still discover nature's beautiful sights from a sailing boat, canoe, kayak or one of the many other watercrafts in the region. Standup paddleboarding, for example, is also suitable for an expedition on the Schlei.

Even more relaxing is a "Schleischifffahrt" (shipping on the Schlei) in Schleswig or Kappeln which offers you an ideal view of the Schlei region from a whole new perspective.

Just natural

Moments at the Schlei Nature Park

  • Waldstück an der Schlei
  • Rapsfeld an der Schlei
  • Badebucht an der Schlei
  • Kanufahren in Lindaunis
  • Stand Up Paddler in Maasholm
  • Segelboot auf der Schlei
  • Schleidampfer Wappen von Schleswig in Lindaunis

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Guest Feedback

The Schlei-Baltic Sea-Region as a perfect cycling destination

We are passionate cyclers and never thought of these hilly routs up in the north of Germany. It really was a big surprise. Our children love horses and are looking forward to every Schlei vacation for easter- or summer holidays.

Ina O. from Muenster (Germany)

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