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Green spotsOur most beautiful green spots at the Schlei and Baltic Sea

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Hiking along the Habernisser Au

Wanderung entlang der Habernisser Au

Along the Habernisser Au you get up close to nature. The route leads over wooden planks through lush green. The invisible spring Wolsroi doesn't just supply nature in this area. It is also one of the largest springs in Schleswig-Holstein. About 600 litres of water gush out every minute breathing life into nature.

In the summer, the slightly hilly landscape is full of trees and forests which can be spotted from the sunken lanes along the moor. The fauna also appreciates this place very much. Deer, pheasants and geese feel comfortable and can also be spotted here at the Habernisser Au.

A particular sumptuous atmosphere is created by one of nature’s most musical birds – the sprosser classed as a member of the thrush family. Particularly during spring time, you can listen to its songs.
A small wooden bench on the route directly at the mouth of the Habernisser Au invites you to a short break. For lunch or dinner, you can make a stop at a restaurant directly at the Au.

Hiking in Kappeln Ellenberg

Wanderung in Kappeln: Ellenberg Nord

North of the district Ellenberg in Kappeln there is a beautiful, small hiking path, called "Holzweg" (wood way) which leads through a charming forest to a nice viewpoint directly at the Schlei. There, you can find a small headland with just enough space for a picnic with views of Maasholm, Schleimünde and the Baltic Sea Reasort Olpenitz.

Barbecue area in Kappeln

Grillplatz in Kappeln an der Schlei

Having a barbecue outdoors in the country? Yes, small provided barbecue areas like the one just outside Kappeln are available in the Schlei region. You can find this spot when you come from Schwansen, cross the flap bridge and follow Nordstraße to the side road Grauhöft.

After 200 metres, you can park your vehicle near the boatyard Henningsen and follow a small natural trail to the barbecue area located on a large lawn directly at the shore of the Schlei. Here, you can enjoy your meals as well as a nice view of the Schlei. This place is also perfect for a picnic.

You can also refresh yourself here: go along the landing stage and simply jump into the Schlei. Canoeists and standup paddleboarders may want to start their journey.

Please note: If you want to use the barbecue area, please contact tourist information in Kappeln beforehand. They provide you with equipment and further support upon request.
Please note: a user fee of €25 per day plus a €50 deposit for the required equipment, which has to be returned in clean condition the next day between 10 AM and noon, has to be paid at the tourist information in Kappeln.

Hiking trip from Missunde to Weseby

Wanderweg in Weseby an der Schlei

The eight kilometre Schlei trip begins in Missunde at the Schlei ferry. It leads towards the west alongside the Schlei shore and to a cliff where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Schlei. After crossing a forest, you come to a bend and behind it you reach your destination – a view of the Große Breite. Note that you may not walk along the break-off edge. The path through the forest is much safer. In Weseby, you get another view of the Schlei. There is also a small surfing and bathing spot which invites you for a swim during hot summer days. The way through the forest leads back to your starting point.

The Schneiderhaken in Lindaukamp

Badestelle Schneiderhaken in Lindaukamp

The Schneiderhaken (tailor's hook) is a small headland in Lindaukamp which obtained its unusual name due to its hook-shaped form. Lindaukamp is perfect for nice walks along the Schlei with views of the historic flap bridge in Lindaunis. The Schneiderhaken has a Schlei entrance and is, therefore, a popular bathing spot which has nearly been left in its natural state. Here, you can enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the Schlei.

The beach at the edge of the forest: Ulsnisstrand

Strand in Ulsnis an der Schlei

Ulsnisstrand is a small but nice sandy beach section directly at the Schlei which offers a particularly flat-sloping entrance. This section is next to a forest behind which lies a small campsite. Therefore, if you don't want to leave, you can spend the night under a blanket of stars and, in the morning, you can enjoy another swim in the Schlei.

Hiking from Sieseby to Bienebek

Reetdachhaus in Sieseby

There's a nice walk from Sieseby with its thatched-roof houses and gorgeous lime tree avenue to the Bienebek manor. On the way, you can catch a glimpse of the Schlei and single farms by the wayside. The steep shore of the Schlei appears now and again revealing a few lay-bys with beautiful views. The Bienebek manor, protected by a moat and residence of the Duchess of Schleswig-Holstein is located directly at the Schlei. You cannot view the inside, but even the exterior view is worth seeing.


Nature reserve Reesholm at the Schlei

Naturschutzgebiet Winningmay-Reesholm an der Schlei

The nature reserve Reesholm consists of 120 hectares. This peninsula protruding into the Schlei was formed during the last Ice Age. Reesholm and the island Hestholm in front of it belong to the nature reserve since 1976 supervised by NABU (Nature and Diversity Conservation Union). For most parts, the Reesholm peninsula only lies half a metre above sea level which led to a couple of floods leaving behind a valuable salt-meadow landscape and in time a wonderful flora developed with saltmarsh grass, sea aster, angelica, centaurea and scurvygrass starting to grow and prosper.

Enjoying a panoramic view on the Baltic Sea: Booknis

Booknis is situated on the northern entrance of the Eckernförder Bucht. A walk along the cliff directly at the beach and above on the tracks is particularly nice. The view across the Baltic Sea is especially great from the beach. Here, in the middle of nature, you can relax in solitude.

Natural idyll on the Schwansen peninsula: Großes Moor Rußland


The great moor "Russland" (meaning Russia) is a bog with a size of approximately 150 hectares located between Holzdorf, Waabs and Loose on the Schwansen peninsula. It got its name from the small settlement "Russland" at the northeast edge of the moor where Russian immigrants settled down in 1820.

Like most moors in Schleswig-Holstein, the Russland moor was drained to gain fuel through rural peat cutting until 1955. Nowadays, this atrophied area is home to birch trees, bog myrtle and moor-grass. In its centre, you can still recognise peat-cuts. In this wet area, bog-typical plants such as peat moss, white beak-sedge, cotton grass and the rare sundew and several heather species such as rosemary and cranberry have survived.

In order to preserve and redevelop this - worth protecting – habitat, it has to undergo the necessary restorations consisting of dismantling the drainage and setting a higher water level.The moor is only accessible on some paths but moor grass makes it difficult to walk through. It is accessible through farms and settlements around the moor: Russland, Großholz, Tolsrüh and Ilewitt.

Important: remember to bring sturdy shoes and stay on the paths when taking a trip around the moor.

The Hemmelmarker See (lake Hemmelmark)

Hohenstein an der Ostsee

The Hemmelmarker See belongs to the municipality of Barkelsby on the Schwansen peninsula. It covers an area of 82 hectares and has a 4 kilometre shoreline. On the west end of the lake, you can find the Hemmelmark manor which in medieval times belonged to the Schleswig-Holstein ancient nobility of the Sehstedt family. On the west shore, there is a hiking path leading through an alley, forests and meadows. At the end of the path, you will find a cliff facing east onto the Baltic Sea. Another manor in Barkelsby is Hohenstein which has by now become a great holiday home with a beautiful park for holidays in the country.

In the front row at the Baltic Sea: Waabs-Langholz

Waabs-Langholz an der Ostsee

Langholz is a district of Waabs located directly on the Schwansen peninsula at the Baltic Sea. Natural beaches and cliffs are characteristic for this area. If you want to wake up at the Baltic Sea, this is the place to be either on the campsite or one of the many holiday homes directly along the water.
By following the street to Waabs, you reach a very beautiful cliff where you can go hiking.

Lake Schwansen nature reserve


The nature reserve lake Schwansen is located north of the Baltic Sea Resort Damp. The reserve has a size of approx. 215 hectare in which lake Schwansen with its 110 hectares is embedded between salt meadows and grazing land. For birds, this is the place to be, as 120 types of breeding birds come here regularly. The nature reserve is also the home of 15,000 wintering birds. A walking path which is part of the Baltic Sea cycling route is located on the spit. We recommend visiting this nature reserve in the early morning as you can spot redshanks, peewits and shelducks. But not only birds enjoy this area. The Europe-wide protected natterjack toad lives here and offers for you to listen to a fabulous frog chorus during the springtime.

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