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Discover the Schlei on a canoe

Discover the Schlei region from the water

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Ideas for canoe tours around the Schlei

Floating through nature on a canoe

There are many ways to discover the Schlei region from the water. You can either take a cruise on an excursion boat or you can get active yourself. How about a canoe tour, for example? This is a special experience, as you can feel every water movement and discover diverse nature near the shore.

The Schlei environment offers great potential for canoe tours. Many canoe rentals in the region are happy to help you plan your trip. The boats and equipment will be brought to your starting point for you. Before you conquer the water, you will receive valuable pointers and a competent introduction into canoeing as well as safety equipment for a relaxing tour on the water of your choice.



Canoeing at the Schlei Region

Paddleing through the nature

  • Kanus am Schleiufer in Weseby
  • Frau mit Kanupaddel am Campingplatz in Lindaunis
  • Kanufahrena auf der Schlei in Lindaunis
  • Frau paddelt im Kanu in Lindaunis

Find the right water

Starting point of your canoe tour on the Schlei

Kanutour auf der Treene

If this is your first canoe experience, it is preferable due to its waves to use a tributary river of the Schlei as your first tour.Suitable for beginners is the Haddebyer Noor and Selker Noor near Schleswig or the passage between Loit and Füsing on the Loiter and Füsinger Au (a waterway of 15 kilometres). When you reach Winningmay, the tour ends with a short passage on the Schlei.We recommend planning your tour always following the wind direction. On a round trip, make sure to first work against the wind so that you can relax on your way back.

Canoe tours lasting several days for professionals

Your canoe holidays on the Schlei

Kanufahrer auf der Schlei

It is possible of course to enjoy the beautiful Schlei landscape on a canoe tour which lasts for several days. One long-distance trip could lead you from Schleswig to Schleimünde and back, which can be achieved within one week when travelling at a relaxing speed. Many of the small villages along the Schlei offer numerous accommodations both at a campsite and holiday homes.

SAdditional information

The current velocity of the Schlei is rather low. This characteristic makes the Schlei an ideal water sports resort and, therefore, also creates very good conditions for canoe and kayak riders.The current of the Schlei follows the course of the fairway and sets in towards the Schlei with the rising water.

At the narrow parts of the Schlei, flow velocities can reach up to four knots.Your sailing speed depends on the direction of the current and the soil friction slows down the current speed in shallow waters rather than in deep waters. Therefore, your advantage is to use the shallow waters with the rising water.

Water Level

The water level of the Schlei and the Baltic Sea are directly linked through their waterway connection. However, stormy winds from the north-east can increase the water level by 1-1.5 metres and stormy winds from the south-west can lower the water level of the Schlei by up to 1 metre.

Anchorages at the Schlei and Baltic Sea

Harbours at the Schlei and Baltic Sea

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Guest Feedback

The Schlei: One of the most beautiful sailing territories of Germany

The Schlei is one of the most beautiful sailing territories in Germany. If you tried it once, you would like to sail beside this beautiful landscape to Schleimünde and right into the Baltic Sea again and again. If you'd like to try a longer trip, it's also a good idea to sail from Kappeln / Schleimünde up to Denmark

Olaf T. from Münster (Germany)

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