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Kiteboarding on the Schlei and Baltic Sea

With a power kite across the water

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What it means and how it works

Kitesurfer auf der Schlei

Kiteboarding is one of the water sports which are closely related to surfing. While you are standing on a surfboard or the more dynamic and smaller wakeboard, you harness the power of the wind with a large controllable power or traction kite. Kiteboarding, in particular, gives you the feeling of gliding over the water. You float over the surface wind-borne and since you only hold the kite you are free and flexible in your movement with never ending stunts and tricks.

There are hardly any other water sports that offer this kind of mobility. That's why it's very popular among young people.

Beach Locator at the Schlei and Baltic Sea

The most beautiful beaches of the region

Surfing- and Kiteboardspots at the Schlei and Baltic Sea

Best spots for your boards

SSurfing- und Kiteboardspots at the Schlei and Baltic Sea
Schleswig: Luisenbad

Surfing works best during an easterly wind. The wind shadow of the Möweninsel (seagull island) provides light wind and a flat Schlei. Together with the wind conditions this is a very nice spot for windsurfers.
The area around Luisenbad is secured by a lifeguard, and the beach with a café offers ideal conditions ashore to prepare you for your kiteboarding trip.

Brodersby Burg: Bathing Beach

The bathing beach at Brodersby-Burg is ideal for those who have just encountered this sport. The great standing area is particularly advantageous. Northerly and easterly winds provide a sideshore wind and sustaining squalls allow for freeride-style. During a southwester, rapid kiteboarding is possible since one metre high waves can form.

If you want to start your kiteboarding tour in Brodersby-Burg, you have the whole Große Breite in front of you with enough space for a great tour.

However, in the summer months, you have to be considerate of other guests who are looking for a refreshing swim in buoy-marked areas. There's also a bathing platform with a slide of about 50 metres away from the beach in the water which you have to look out for.

Fahrdorf: Strandweg

At Strandweg in Fahrdorf, you can find a small bathing beach which is also a good starting point for steady kiteboarding as there are only light sideshore winds with small waves. Easterly and northerly winds increase the wind on the Schlei which offers conditions for rapid kiteboarding. The entrance to the Schlei is somewhat narrow with steep-sloping waters, which is reason for caution.

Füsing: Bathing beach

Füsing is suitable for surfsport beginners. When you get in the water you can easily stand for a while. The area in Füsing is also quite protected, which means fewer waves so that you can enjoy the wind free from distraction.

During westerly and southerly wind, you will find here particularly good conditions. As you tack further onto the Schlei you will experience a more constant wind. Especially during the summer months you should use a fin for shallow waters.

In the spring and autumn, you will find ideal conditions here in Füsing because you have the beach, which is usually used by bathers, all to yourself.

Karlsminde: Bathing beach

This beach is located between Eckernförde and Damp at the Karlsminde campsite. Here, you have the chance to enjoy some great wind from the southwest, but southeast to northeast winds also offer great conditions.

The entrance to the water couldn't be better – directly behind the three kilometre sandy beach you can find a variety of beach lakes which are also used by bathers. The flat-sloping beach in Karlsminde gets a bit pebbly near the entrance, parallel to the shore there are a couple of sandbanks and in between you can perfectly stand in the water.

Kappeln: Weidefelder Strand

Surfers can find a great standing area at the long Weidefelder Strand in Kappeln which makes it also perfect for beginners as it ensures prompt success. For kiteboarders, in particular, Weidefelder Strand is an ideal surfing area especially during an easterly wind; it is considered one of the best along the Baltic Sea. Again you have to be considerate of the bathing guests to whom this beach is very popular as well.

Damp: Ostsee Resort Damp

The best place to surf in Damp is near the two piers which mark the entrance for excursion boats. They run diagonal to the southeast and northeast. During north to east-northeast winds you can take a walk on the bottom of the Baltic Sea near the right pier. The beach in Damp is especially popular among surfers.

Falshöft: Bathing beach

Falshöft is located north of the Schlei mouth and Maasholm. Only experienced surfers should consider surfing here since strong swells and high waves can form during an easterly wind.There is a flat-sloping entrance from the beach near the lighthouse Falshöft. A sandbank belt, about 75 metres from the shoreline, can cause waves that even allow for surf-riding on some days.You are most likely to find ideal surf conditions during southeast or northwest winds which blow between sideshore towards the shore (side onshore). However, during an easterly wind, you will experience a frontal movement of the wind which means more strength to the sail.



Kosel: Bathing beach Weseby

In Kosel/Weseby, a flat-sloping sandy beach invites you to surf. This is a fast entrance to the Große Breite which is the widest area of the entire Schlei with enough space for tricks on the water. As the bathing beach is also used by bathers, mutual respect and consideration is a basic requirement.

Maasholm: Wormshöfter Noor

Wormshöfter Noor in Maasholm has similarities to a lake thus is a great surf spot for beginners. Another advantage is the great standing area inside the Noor which ensures more safety on the board due to fewer waves.

Wackerballig: Bathing beach

In Wackerballig, there is a small and pebbly beach. The shallow and calm waters are suitable for beginners as well. Surfing in Wackerballig is best during wind from the southwest, west and north.
During a westerly wind, you can even cross the Flensburg firth to the Danish peninsula Kegnæs.

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The Schlei: One of the most beautiful sailing territories of Germany

The Schlei is one of the most beautiful sailing territories in Germany. If you tried it once, you would like to sail beside this beautiful landscape to Schleimünde and right into the Baltic Sea again and again. If you'd like to try a longer trip, it's also a good idea to sail from Kappeln / Schleimünde up to Denmark

Olaf T. from Münster (Germany)

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