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Sailing on the Schlei and Baltic Sea

Welcome to the cradle of yachting

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Heading for the Baltic Sea fjord Schlei

Set sail in one of Germany's most popular sailing areas

The Schlei – an arm of the Baltic Sea which stretches from Schleimünde in the east 42 kilometres to Schleswig in the west. The Schlei isn't a river but rather a fjord.

The Schlei has an average width of 1.3 kilometres with two extrema: the Missunder Enge (135 metres wide) and the "Große Breite" ('Great Breadth' which is the Schlei's widest spot with its 4 kilometres). With an average depth of 3 metres, the Schlei is considered a shallow part of the Baltic Sea.
Due to several narrows in the west of Arnis and a 2 metre depth of the naval water it is imperative to consider the correct draft of a vessel heading for Schleswig.

There's no significant tidal range in the Schlei but a strong northeaster can raise the water level up to 1.5 metres, whereas a southwester can reduce the water level up to 1 metre. Sailing boats meeting all the criteria can experience a beautiful landscape full of green forests, wide fields, amazing sunsets and clear starry nights between Schleswig and Kappeln. Not only nature presents itself in the best way possible but also many small Schlei villages along the shore with charming houses and colourful gardens.

At the Schlei, the aim is the way, as not only the different wind conditions make this a special sailing area; the quite versatile passages also make this trip unforgettable.

Whether you pass the historical flap bridge at Lindaunis opening at a quarter to every hour and the fish weir in Kappeln or beating about in Schleimünde passing the lighthouse until you reach the Baltic Sea – here you can forget about your daily hectic rush and enjoy a relaxing sailing holiday. Even if you don't have your own sailing boat, you can still enjoy a sailing trip. Besides the annual Mitsegeltag (tag-along day), there are several local rentals where you can charter a boat. A trip on a historical sailing ship can be just as exciting.

  • Günther Hoffmann, Owner of Globetrotter Akademie

    Discovering the Schlei from the waterfront is like to read a very exciting book. On one hand you discover fascinating new details every day.

  • Georg H. Büsch, Fjordwatersailing

    Lots of years ago we invented a sailing boat - thousands of years afterwards we invented a wheel. On the Schlei you can feel why.

Sailing on the Schlei an Baltic Sea

Moments of a sailing trip

  • Segeln auf der Schlei
  • Segelboot auf der Schlei
  • Ausblick auf die Schlei vom Segelboot
  • Segelboot an der Klappbrücke in Kappeln

Overview of our harbours

Anchorages between Schleswig and Schleimünde

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Guest Feedback

The Schlei: One of the most beautiful sailing territories of Germany

The Schlei is one of the most beautiful sailing territories in Germany. If you tried it once, you would like to sail beside this beautiful landscape to Schleimünde and right into the Baltic Sea again and again. If you'd like to try a longer trip, it's also a good idea to sail from Kappeln / Schleimünde up to Denmark

Olaf T. from Münster (Germany)

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