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Shipping from Schleswig to Schleimünde

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Discover the entire Schlei in a few hours

The most comfortable way of a discovery journey on the Schlei is a "Schleischifffahrt" (shipping on the Schlei), which is offered by local shipping companies between May and October.

The "Wappen von Schleswig"(coat of arms of Schleswig) – a tugboat built in 1926 – offers such journeys daily between Schleswig and Missunde in the afternoon. In addition, an all-day tour from Kappeln to Schleimünde is offered once a week.

You can also set sail from Kappeln. Here, you can find the paddle steamer "Schlei Princess" and the passenger ship "Wikinger Princess" of the Müller shipping company to take you to Maasholm, Schleimünde or Schleswig.

At weekends, combined tickets are offered to get on board the Angeln steam train as well which provides a whole new perspective of the Schlei region. The "MS Stadt Kappeln" offers shipping tours from Kappeln and Maasholm/Schleimünde and takes you to Schleswig and back every Friday.

Schlei views

Welcome on board of Schlei ships

  • Wappen von Schleswig auf der Schlei
  • Schlei Princess in Schleimünde
  • Hein Haddeby am Stadthafen in Schleswig
  • MS Stadt Kappeln in Schleimünde

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The Schlei: One of the most beautiful sailing territories of Germany

The Schlei is one of the most beautiful sailing territories in Germany. If you tried it once, you would like to sail beside this beautiful landscape to Schleimünde and right into the Baltic Sea again and again. If you'd like to try a longer trip, it's also a good idea to sail from Kappeln / Schleimünde up to Denmark

Olaf T. from Münster (Germany)

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