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Standup Paddleboarding on the Schlei

Paddling across the Schlei

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Simply walking on water

Using a surfboard differently

Standup Paddleboarding (SUP) – a sport which is still rather unknown in this part of the world but is a traditional way of locomotion overseas. It has its roots in the Hawaiian archipelago. Hawaiians used logboats with one paddle to reach fishing grounds or reefs which were difficult to access.

In our region, the SUP-board is also used for locomotion in fact, not to find your luck in fishing but rather to relax while gliding across the Schlei and to enjoy the atmosphere on the water. One board, one paddle – that's all you need to walk on water.

Indeed, you don't have the range of a sailing boat or a canoe, but that's exactly the way to discover the Schlei region even more intensely. Using the board, you can almost go ashore at every bathing spot, beach, stage and harbour to discover the many places at the Schlei and then drift along with the current again.

The basis for standup paddleboarding

What to keep in mind with standup paddleboarding

SThe basis for standup paddleboarding
The right place

As a newcomer to this sport, it is important to choose a quiet place protected from wind and waves to learn to stand on the board. The best place to start is a sandy beach or a stage with a suitable height to easily step on the board.

The right paddle

The correct size of the paddle is imperative for the range. The paddle is height adjustable and can, therefore, be customised. The ideal size of the paddle is your height plus the length of your arm.

Stepping on the board

The best way to step on your board is in knee-deep water. Position the paddle to the horizontal centre of the board. Hold the paddle, then lift your knees onto your board.

Standing on the board

To stand up, position the paddle to the horizontal centre of the board, put your toes on the board and extend your legs and stand. Position your feet flat on the board for stability and start paddling for balance.

The ideal position on the board

To find the ideal position on your board, position the paddle in the middle of the board and start moving slightly forward and backward. If the nose (front part of the board) is covered with water, move backwards and if the tail (rear part of the board) is covered with water, move forward. The ideal position depends on the weight distribution.

First paddling attempts

Start your first paddling attempts by sitting on your knees to get a feel for the board and to find the correct balance.

Stand Up Paddling on the Schlei

Passing the water with a board

  • Stand Up Paddling am Steg in Maasholm
  • Stand Up Paddling auf der Schlei
  • Stand Up Paddler mit Kanufahrern auf der Schlei
  • Stand Up Paddling in Sundsacker

Overview of our harbours

Anchorages between Schleswig and Schleimünde

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Guest Feedback

The Schlei: One of the most beautiful sailing territories of Germany

The Schlei is one of the most beautiful sailing territories in Germany. If you tried it once, you would like to sail beside this beautiful landscape to Schleimünde and right into the Baltic Sea again and again. If you'd like to try a longer trip, it's also a good idea to sail from Kappeln / Schleimünde up to Denmark

Olaf T. from Münster (Germany)

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