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A great experience from head to toeBarefoot park in Schwackendorf

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A small introduction into the barefoot park Schwackendorf

The aim is the way

  • Kind balanciert im Barfusspark in Schwackendorf
  • Pfad im Barfusspark in Schwackendorf
  • Mutter mit Kind im Barfusspark in Schwackendorf
  • Schleswig Holstein Karte im Barfusspark in Schwackendorf

Our feet carry us everywhere our entire life and they too need a time out once in a while. A spa for the feet, if you will, is offered at the barefoot park in Schwackendorf near Hasselberg at the Geltinger Bucht. The owners, Ernst and Heinrich Clausen, first experienced a barefoot park during their holiday and brought this idea back home. They were rather euphoric when they took over this concept and step by step built their own park.

So, what's the result? Well, on a 2.5 hectare field in the middle of the country, different small trails were created on a total length of 1.5 kilometres offering a great new walking sensation and putting your nerves to the test. Tarmac, gravel, moors and even a track with glass fragments promotes reflexes in a very special way.

Did you know that walking barefoot even benefits your health? Stimulating our foot reflex zones with different surfaces, we strengthen our cardiovascular system. In addition, the foot and leg muscles respond to this experience and are strengthened. The sensory perception and kinaesthesia are also stimulated. Speaking of perception: The wildlife around the barefoot park in Schwackendorf, which can be playfully discovered during the hike, is particularly beautiful for both the young and old.

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Guest Feedback

The Geltinger Bucht: Retrat for my whole family and me!

Im travelling to the Geltinger Bucht for summser holidays for years now. My family and I especially enjoy the local beauty of nature and these wunderful sun downer at the beach of Pottloch.

Ursula T. from Cologne (Germany)

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