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The Baltic Sea as far as the eye can seeThe Falshöft Lighthouse at the Geltinger Bucht

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The lighthouse as a major attraction

The inside is worth a look

  • Leuchtturm Falshöft an der Geltinger Birk
  • Leuchtturm Falshöft: Aussichtsplattform
  • Leuchtturm Falshöft: Ausblick
  • Leuchtturm Falshöft: Weitblick

The Falshöft Lighthouse is located directly at the border of the nature reserve Geltinger Birk and is a textbook example of a lighthouse. With its red-and-white colour and constructed from cast iron elements it towers 25 metres high.

In 1910, the lighthouse was built within two years with enormous effort and served as cross and orientation light for vessels passing the Geltinger Bucht and the Flensburg firth.
Before the light of this beacon was extinguished on 1 May 2012, it had warned about shallow waters in the Baltic Sea and the Flensburg firth for 92 years.

What makes this historic lighthouse special are the stories it tells in the inside.

It is also very popular for its breathtaking sights it offers from both galleries underneath the former light spot. These galleries present a wonderful view across the Baltic Sea. On clear days, you can even see Denmark from up there, not to mention the great expanse that is the Geltinger Birk.

Not only can you visit the lighthouse during your holidays, but you can also get married here.
If we're honest, what's more romantic than exchanging wedding vows in the special atmosphere of a lighthouse with views of the Baltic Sea?

Up to 14 people can take part in such a matrimonial service. The total expenditure for a wedding ceremony includes the user fee of the lighthouse, the register for the family with the lighthouse imprint and all costs of the register office.

The Falshöft Lighthouse Association

Setting a shining example

For preserving such an important and popular cultural landmark at the Gletinger Bucht it takes a major contribution which has been accomplished with great personal motivation by the Falshöft Lighthouse Association since 2004.

Donations and membership fees help to preserve and redevelop the lighthouse for days to come and to make it available for visitors. A permanent illumination of the structure is planned to revive the lighthouse atmosphere especially at nightfall. 

Impressions of the Falshöft lighthouse

Such a beauty at the baltic sea

  • Spaziergang am Leuchtturm Falshöft
  • Spielende Kinder am Leuchtturm Falshöft
  • Familie am Leuchtturm Falshöft
  • Blick auf die Ostsee am Leuchtturm Falshöft

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Guest Feedback

The Geltinger Bucht: Retrat for my whole family and me!

Im travelling to the Geltinger Bucht for summser holidays for years now. My family and I especially enjoy the local beauty of nature and these wunderful sun downer at the beach of Pottloch.

Ursula T. from Cologne (Germany)

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