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Tips for a week in Kappeln


Discovering the harbour city of Kappeln

Get in touch with the beautiful harbour city of Kappeln. Try one of our guided tours, discover the smallest town of germany, Arnis, and enjoy delicious sweets at the Schokoladenküche.

10:00a.m.Historical tour maritime

Historical tour or guided tour

Try one of our historical tours or a guided tour

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12:00p.m.Excursion to Arnis

Excursion to Arnis

The smallest town of germany is very worth seeing.

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Enjoy delicious chocolate at the Schokoladenküche

At the Schokoladenküche you can enjoy delicious sweets.


Discover Kappeln from the waterfront

Today you'll discover Kappeln from the waterfront. After you finished an exciting shopping tour and taste one of the delicious fish buns at the eel smokehouse Foeh you'll get on an excursion ship to have a look at Kappeln from the waterfront.

10:00a.m.Shopping in Kappeln

Discover Kappeln downtown

What about a shopping trip in Kappeln downtown?

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Time to test some fish buns

Try one of the famous fish buns at the Eel Smokehouse Foeh

02:00p.m.Discover the Schlei by excursion boat

Discover the Schlei by excursion boat

Chose one of the beautiful excursion boats at the Kappeln harbour.

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Go on a special adventure with the Angeln Steam Train

You'll start your day with the sunrise at the museum harbour of Kpappeln. Afterwards you'll get on the historic Angeln Steam Train for a special adventure round the Schlei villages. Afterwards you'll enjoy a delicious fish dinner at the harbour.

10:00a.m.Museum Harbour

Sunrise at the meuseum harbour of Kappeln

Have a look at historical boats and the beautiful sunrise of Kappeln.

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01:00p.m.Travelling Adventure with Angeln Steam Train

Travelling Adventure with Angeln Steam Train

Get on board of the Angeln Steam Train and discover our Schlei villages

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Dinner at the harbour of Kappeln

Enjoy an unforgettable dinner with fresh fish down at the harbour side.


Cycling Tour "Heringstörn" to the beach of Weidefeld

Discover Kappeln by bike and stop by at the beach of Weidefeld at the baltic sea. Over there you can spend a relaxing day at one of the beautiful beach chairs or a tasty day at Lobster Restaurant.

10:00a.m.Our Topic Tours

Starting a cycling tour in Kappeln

In Kappeln you'll start your personal "Heringstörn"

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Arriving at the beach of Weidefeld

What a great baltic sea view when you arrived, right?

11:30a.m.Beach of Weidefeld

Enjoying the baltic sea view out of a beach chair

Enjoy the baltic sea out of a cozy beach chair.

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Lunch at the beach Restaurant

Enjoy a delicious lunch at the beach restaurant Lobster


Bathing fun on the beach of Weidefeld

After enjoying a great lunch it's time for beach fun.


Discovering the Geltinger Bucht

Today it's time for an unforgettable nature experience round the Gelting bight. Enjoy a unique view form Falshoeft Lightouse up to Danmark and also discover the Gelting Bight with it's various world of animals and plants.

10:00a.m.Enjoy a unique view from Falshoeft Lighthouse

Enjoy the view of Falshoeft Lighthouse

Enjoy a unique view from Falshoeft lighthouse up to Danmark

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12:00p.m.Nature tour at Geltinger Birk

Tour through the beautiful nature of Geltinger Birk

Discover the flora and fauna of the Geltinger Birk

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06.DayExcursion to Maasholm

Excursion to Maasholm

When you discover Maasholm you'll get in touch with real village romance. Have a look at the beautiful harbour of Maasholm, local craft and what about surfing or visting the nature experience center?

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Discover the harbour of Maasholm

Discover the beautiful harbour of Maasholm


Local art at the craft house of Maasholm

Have a look at the local art by visting the craft house of Maasholm


Surfing at surfing school of Maasholm

Get in touch with a surfboard at the surfing school of Maasholm

03:00p.m.Visiting Nature Experience Centre

Visting the nature experience centere

Having fun with the whole family: Visiting the nature experience centre

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Tea Time at Gut Oehe

At Gut Oehe some delicious cakes and coffee is waiting for you.

07.DayCulture in Kappeln and hiking in Arnis

Culture in Kappeln and hiking in Arnis

Your last day will bring culture and nature aspects together. You'll visit Kunsthaus Hänisch in Kappeln and hike in Arnis. Afterwards you'll have lunch at the Restaurant Schleiperle.

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10:00a.m.Kunsthaus Hänisch

Culture at the Kunsthaus Hänsich

Discover great art exhibitions at the Kunsthaus Hänisch

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Hiking to Arnis

Hiking and having a look at the beautiful village of Arnis


Lunch at Restaurant Godewind

Have a great lunch at the Restaurant Godewind in Arnis

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