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The picturesque landmark of the Schlei townThe mill in Kappeln

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Amanda mill

32 metre of history in Kappeln

  • Mühle Amanda in Kappeln
  • Touristinformation in der Mühle Amanda in Kappeln
  • Ausstellung in der Mühle Amanda in Kappeln
  • Mühle Amanda bei Nacht
  • Mühle Amanda in Kappeln: Historisches Sägewerk
  • Trauzimmer in der Mühle Amanda in Kappeln

At 32 metres in height, this is the tallest windmill in Schleswig-Holstein and, next to the chimneys of the Föh Eel Smokehouse and the flap bridge, it is the third landmark of the Schlei town Kappeln. After it had completely burnt down in the 17th century, it was rebuilt in 1888 for 80,000 gold marks. Grain was still milled here until 1964.

Since 1977, the building has belonged to the town of Kappeln and it is listed as a historic monument. Since 1990, it has been classified as a cultural heritage.

To this day, this beautiful building still serves a few purposes. In addition to the Kappeln tourist information office on the second floor, the gallery offers a wonderful view across Kappeln. Next to the mill is a sawmill in the annexe where hand-made furniture is sold.

Many couples come here because of its interesting history and unique atmosphere. During the summer months, weddings take place on a weekly basis in the wedding chamber of this time-honoured building.
During the winter, this beautiful windmill, built in Dutch style, is a shining example in the truest sense when the wings are festively illuminated.

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The beautiful city of Kappeln

We're already goling on holiday to the baltic sea for years but since we've been in Kappeln 10 years ago we didn't change our destination. Kappeln is our personal baltic sea paradise.

Sandra P. from Frankfurt (Germany)

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