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Full steam ahead between Süderbrarup and KappelnThe Angeln Steam Train

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Angeln Steam Train

Technical history on rails

  • Angelner Dampfeisenbahn am Rapsfeld
  • Angelner Dampfeisenbahn: Dampflock
  • Angelner Dampfeisenbahn
  • Angelner Dampfeisenbahn: Dampflock 654

The Angeln Steam Train (known in German as Angelner Dampfeisenbahn, Angelner Eisenbahn and Angeln Bahn) dates back to the time when the old railway track between Schleswig and Kappeln was still very busy with passenger and goods traffic

Today, the Angeln Steam Train functions as a museum train running regularly between Süderbrarup and Kappeln offering a relaxing holiday feeling while you ride across the imposing landscape of the Schlei region.

The Angeln Steam Train was first implemented in 1977 consisting of a steam train model F 654 from the Danish State Railways (DSB) and two touring cars. The F 654 was used as a banker for all museum trains until 1981. The first excursion between Niebüll and Dagebüll was in 1978.

In 1979, Kappeln became the new home for the Angeln Steam Train where the engine and the touring cars find shelter in a suitable engine shed to this day.

In 1990, another engine was added to the fleet – the so-called "Schöne Schwedin" (beautiful Swede), a tank locomotive No. 1916, S1 type, received from the Kalmar Museum Association and originally used by the Swedish State Railway.

Three years later, the museum train was completed with the addition of an East German diesel locomotive. In total, the museum train comprises two steam engines, two diesel locomotives, three passenger cars and one freight car which is used to transport bikes.

A great holiday adventure

An experience on a train, bus and boat

First, a loud acoustic signal and then steam, everywhere. Slowly with a rhythmic jerk, the engine of the Angeln Steam Train sets into motion. It's the start of a splendid experience from Kappeln passing Süderbrarup, Lindaunis and back to Kappeln through the magnificent landscape of Angeln.

At a leisurely pace, the train rumbles pass the herb garden of the former country doctor, known nationwide from the TV series "der Landartzt".

On some days, the steam train stops in Wagersrott which gives you a chance to visit the herb garden, but on the regular schedule, the next stop is Süderbrarup. A bus then brings you to the shipping pier in Lindaunis.

A shipping pier? Yes, that's correct. Here, you can get on board the "Schlei Princess" majestically ploughing the water. The last maritime stage on your round trip is the port town of Kappeln, but before this great experience ends, you pass the idyllic thatched-roof village Sieseby and Germany's smallest town, Arnis.


Moments of the great adventure by train, bus and ship

  • Angelner Dampfeisenbahn: Abfahrt
  • Angelner Dampfeisenbahn: Personenwagen
  • Angelner Dampfeisenbahn: Radtransport
  • Angelner Dampfeisenbahn: Schaffner
  • Raddampfer Schlei Princess

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The beautiful city of Kappeln

We're already goling on holiday to the baltic sea for years but since we've been in Kappeln 10 years ago we didn't change our destination. Kappeln is our personal baltic sea paradise.

Sandra P. from Frankfurt (Germany)

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