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Slow down, it's time forRecreation in the Schlei villages

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Schlei Villages

Experience true village romance

On both sides of the Schlei in the middle of vast, green meadows and forests, charming little villages with magnificent estates and many timeless thatched-roof houses wait to be discovered. These diverse landscapes and small romantic beach sections are best to be discovered by bike or rather traditionally on foot on dispersed walking routes. Many small natural gems and ample views of the Baltic Sea fjord await you here. Take a break in one of the many village cafés and enjoy fantastic home-made cakes.

You can also enjoy this picturesque landscape between Schleswig and Kappeln from the Schlei – the water vein of the Schlei villages – on board a sailing boat quietly ploughing the waters using nothing but the wind, or using your own physical strength on board a canoe or kayak. Would you like to perhaps tour the Schlei trying standup paddleboarding?

Impressions of the Schlei Villages

Charming Villages surrounded by meadows and forests

  • Reetdachhäuser in den Schleidörfern
  • Blick auf die Schlei in Ulsnis
  • Raps mit Segelboot auf der Schlei
  • Schleibrücke in Lindaunis

Concrete Tips for your holiday

How to spend a day, a weekend or a week in Kappeln

A day
A weekend
A week

A day

Our holiday expert presents the Schlei villages on just one day. You'll start your day with a delicious breakfast at the Lindauhof in Boren. Afterwards you go on a relaxing cycling tour to a swimming area called "Schneiderhaken" and you'll also visit the famous giant of Ulsnis.


A weekend

We are planninga wonderful weekend at the Schlei Villages for you. You'll do a cycling tour and you'll be having a look at the beautiful green nature. Afterwards you'll try out the Angeln Steam Train and go on board of the paddle steamer Schlei Princess.


A week

Our holiday experts have got great advice for your week at the Schlei villages. What about checking out the Angeln Steam Train, visiting the viking city of Schleswig, the family amusement park Tolk-Schau or sail on the Schlei from Sundsacker?


What to see at the Schlei Villages

Our Tips for your holiday at the Schlei Villages

Historical Tours at the Schlei Villages

Walking in the footsteps of history



During the stone age Süderbrarup had been populated. Trails of the bronze age confirmed the guess. At the new age Süderbrarup got well known for it's railroad track between Kiel and Flensbrug in which was build in 1881.


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Guest Feedback

Real village romance at the Schlei Villages

We're living at a metropolis. My children do not know cows or sheeps, geese or ducks. During farm vacation at the Schlei villages they get in touch with the wide world of animals and are also able to play beautiful nature surroundings. To give these wonderful experiences to my children I always love to come back to the Schlei Villages.

Maria G. from Frankfurt Maine (Germany)

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