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Tips to spend a week at the Schlei Villages


Discovering the Schlei Villages

Today you'll get in touch with the charming and idyllic Schlei Vilages. After a delicious breakfast you'll enjoy a cycling tour to the "Schneiderhaken" bathing spot in Ulsnis. Over there you've got a perfect panoramic view with the Lindaunis bridge.

10:00a.m.Discovering Lindauhof

Breakfast at Café Lindauhof

Enjoy a wonderful breakfast at Café Lindauhof

11:30a.m.Discover our topic tours

Cycling tour to Schneiderhaken Lindaunis

You'll have a great ride passing the idyllic landscape of the Schlei

Discover our topic tours
02:00p.m.Order a picnic

Picnic lunch at Schneiderhaken

During lunch you'll enjoy the wonderful view to the Lindaunis bridge.

Order a picnic
04:00UhrTrip to Ulsnis

Trip to Ulsnis

Ulsnis doesn't only a a wonderful beach side. it also have giant stature.

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Get in touch with the history of the Schlei Villages

The Schlei Villages have got their very own history. It's somewhere between Thorsberger Moor, the sacred spring and the Angeln Steam Train. Today we'll follow traces between Süderbrarup and Kappeln.

10:00a.m.Historical Tour of Süderbrarup

Historical Tour of Süderbrarup

Go for a walk between Thorsberger Moor and sacred spring

Historical Tour of Süderbrarup
01:00p.m.Learn more about Angeln Steam Train

Checking out the Angeln Steam Train

Movement in Style: Check out the Angeln Steam Train.

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03:00p.m.Discover our Schlei Ships

Discovering the Schlei Princess

Get in touch with the Schlei Villages from waterside

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03.DayDiscover our topic tours

Cycling tour between Schlei Villages and Schwansen

Today you'll leave the Schlei Villages to enter the Region round Schwansen at the baltic sea. Enjoy an exciting cycling tour as well as the baltic sea and lot's of delicious moments at some local restaurants.

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A day for children at the Tolk Schau amusement park

Today we've got a highlight for children. Visit the family amusement park Tolk Schau with lots of exciting entertaiment.


Get in Touch with the viking city of Schleswig

Get in touch with the beautiful historical part of Schleswig and the unique viking settlement of Haithabu. Afterwards enjoy a dinner with delicious local producs in the historical restaurant Haddeby.

10:00a.m.Historical Tour

Historical tour or guided tour in Schleswig

Follow one of our historical tours or do a guides tour.

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11:00a.m.Cathedral of St. Peter

Sightseeing at Cathedral of St. Peter

Now you're visting the impressive cathedral of St. Peter in Schleswig

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12:00p.m.City Harbour of Schleswig

Enjoy fish rolls at the city harbour

Enjoy a delicious fish roll at the city harbour of Schleswig.

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Crossing with the barge "Hein" to Haithabu

Now you'll cross the Schlei to Haithabu

01:00p.m.Haithabu Viking Museum

Sightseeing at Haithabu

Follow the steps of the vikings in Haithabu

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Tea time at the historical restaurant Haddeby

Enjoy the afternoon with a bench of delicious local cakes.

06.DayDiscover Canoeing

Canoeing Treene river

Today you'll discover the Schlei Region from a water pespective. It's up to you to choose a starting point. We recommend a canoeing tour passing right through the Treene river to the Schlei finishing in Winningmay.

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Trip to Arnis

Today you'll visit the smallest town of Germany located at the Schlei called Arnis. Check out the famous old ferry from Sundsacker to Arnis, enjoy a delicious meal at Restaurant Godewind and also do a sailing cruise together with the guys of Event Nature.


Travelling by Schlei Ferry from Sundsacker to Arnis

Travelling by Ferry from Sundsacker to Arnis

10:30a.m.Discovering Arnis

Go for a walk in Arnis

Enjoy the wonderful, unique flair of Arnis

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Lunch at Restaurant Godewind

Enjoy lunch at Restaurant Godewind in Arnis

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