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Slow down, it's time forA town's history: Arnis

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Arnis back then

In 1415, the Danish King Eric of Pomerania allegedly cut the land connection so that Arnis became an island. It was only in 1796 that a dyke from the mainland to the island of Arnis was built.

The population of Arnis began when Detlef von Rumohr, liege of Kappeln, claimed an oath of allegiance from his subjects. 64 families wanted to remain independent whereby they had to leave Kappeln.
These families requested Christian Albrecht, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp, to give them the island of Arnis for them to populate. Today, the populating permission certificate can be found in the national archive of Schleswig.

In 1667, Arnis was established, cleared and constructed. One of the first buildings erected was the Schifferkirche, the town's church. Even today, you can find historic properties in Arnis, e.g. the House in 12 Lange Straße which was built in 1712 or the Lange Straße itself which looks back on the foundation of Arnis.

Arnis today

The greatest smallest town

  • Schleifähre in Arnis
  • Paar in Arnis
  • Spaziergang in Arnis
  • Dorfkern in Arnis

Today, Arnis is known throughout Germany as the smallest town in the nation.

But how did a place with merely 300 inhabitants receive its town charter?
At the end of the 17th century, the original status of Arnis and 24 other communities in Schleswig-Holstein was "Flecken" or market town. By 1920, all communities except Arnis lost this status and became towns.

In 1934, a local reform finally changed the status of Arnis from "Flecken" to town. Nowadays, this small fishing village is very popular among tourists who are looking for a real maritime ambience. The town's centre line is the Lange Straße which is with its trimmed lime trees and the original 18th century fishing cottages the most magnificent place in town. The marina fits very nicely into the townscape of Arnis. Due to the shipyard and several workshops, Arnis is very much sought after by boat owners during the winter months.

Not only by sailing boat but also by cable ferry you can cross the Schlei from Arnis to Sundacker/Winnemark in Schwansen. If you prefer solid ground and want to discover the town, why not take a walk alongside the Schlei coast for half an hour. Marvellous gardens and a brilliant view of the Schlei with its many sailing boats will await you.

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Walking in the footsteps of history



During the stone age Süderbrarup had been populated. Trails of the bronze age confirmed the guess. At the new age Süderbrarup got well known for it's railroad track between Kiel and Flensbrug in which was build in 1881.


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Real village romance at the Schlei Villages

We're living at a metropolis. My children do not know cows or sheeps, geese or ducks. During farm vacation at the Schlei villages they get in touch with the wide world of animals and are also able to play beautiful nature surroundings. To give these wonderful experiences to my children I always love to come back to the Schlei Villages.

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