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Slow down, it's time forA village history: Brodersby

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A holiday paradise directly at the Schlei

The Brodersby municipality lies on a seven kilometre long shore next to the narrowest spot of the Schlei: the "Missunder Enge". Here, in the middle of the country, you have a lot of space for your holiday at the Schlei – you can even set sail from one of the two marinas with their 160 berths. 

If your ship is land-based, you can even use the village's own slipway to launch it. From here, you can either go west, crossing the "Große Breite" ('Great Breadth' – the Schlei's widest spot) leading to the Viking city of Schleswig or discover the endless seas of the Baltic Sea in the east.
If you did not bring your own boat, you can still discover the Schlei on board a passenger ship offering exciting tours starting from Missunde pier.

Several great holiday homes welcome you in Brodersby which is also a beautiful stopover for daytime visitors who are on a bicycle tour along the Schlei, for example. A great natural Schlei beach in Burg also awaits (sun)bathing guests and water sports enthusiasts.

This little village is historically quite interesting. The local village museum exhibits a great collection of trade and antique devices which were used in agriculture and at home, and that ties in well with this village’s agricultural past. The objects date back from the 18th century to the 1950s.
The original 12th century field-stone church raised above the village with its Romantic style is located on the Kirchberg. The Kirchberg (church hill) offers great views of the Brodersby Noor and its natural landscape.

Another tip: Come and listen to the wonderful annual Brodersbyer Sommerkonzerte (summer concerts) which are rather popular beyond the village borders.

Historical Tours at the Schlei Villages

Walking in the footsteps of history



During the stone age Süderbrarup had been populated. Trails of the bronze age confirmed the guess. At the new age Süderbrarup got well known for it's railroad track between Kiel and Flensbrug in which was build in 1881.


What to see at the Schlei Villages

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Real village romance at the Schlei Villages

We're living at a metropolis. My children do not know cows or sheeps, geese or ducks. During farm vacation at the Schlei villages they get in touch with the wide world of animals and are also able to play beautiful nature surroundings. To give these wonderful experiences to my children I always love to come back to the Schlei Villages.

Maria G. from Frankfurt Maine (Germany)

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