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Slow down; it's time forA village history: Grödersby

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Settlement in the meadows

The name Grödersby comes from the Danish language and consists of "grøde" and "by", which means "settlement in the meadows". This describes the location of the small village on the Schlei quite well, as it is located on the Grödersbyer Noor surrounded by much rural expanse.

However, Grödersby was not always as tranquil as it is today. Historically, it had a far greater significance. Once the acreage ranged from Königstein to Pageroe, and the former Grödersby castle was of great strategic importance. Even today, the old fortress with its moat can be well discovered.

Later, in 1406, Denmark took over the lands around Grödersby. The Danish Queen of that time, Margarethe, had the castle burnt down immediately. The area which was part of the castle and all its farms were given to the cathedral parish of Schleswig. This way, she could be certain in her plans to find favour with the church.

In 1871, the village of Grödersby emerged, which was known for its prosperous fishing. Numerous herring and eel weirs were assembled on the Grödersbyer Noor. The smallest town in Germany, Arnis, can be reached on a dam.

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During the stone age Süderbrarup had been populated. Trails of the bronze age confirmed the guess. At the new age Süderbrarup got well known for it's railroad track between Kiel and Flensbrug in which was build in 1881.


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Real village romance at the Schlei Villages

We're living at a metropolis. My children do not know cows or sheeps, geese or ducks. During farm vacation at the Schlei villages they get in touch with the wide world of animals and are also able to play beautiful nature surroundings. To give these wonderful experiences to my children I always love to come back to the Schlei Villages.

Maria G. from Frankfurt Maine (Germany)

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