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Tips to spend a week in Schwansen


Discovering the Schwansen peninsula

Today you'll discover the Schwansen peninsula. During a cycling tour you'll have a look at lots of menor houses, for Example Ludwigsburg. You#ll also visit the thatched-roof village Sieseby and having fun during a SwinGolf match.

10:00a.m.Discovering Schwansen estates

Cycling tour

Enjoy a cycling tour from Sieseby to Ludwigsburg manor house

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Small break at Anna mill Rieseby

It's time for a small break at Anna Mill in Rieseby


SwinGolf Match at Sophienhof estate

Have fun during your first SwinGolf match.


Special night at hay hostel

What about a special night at the hay hostel of Ludwigsburg estate?


Discovering the watefront togehter with "Event Nature"

Event Nature stands for entertaiment on the water. Canoeing, kayak or a sailing boat? It's your choice. To relax afterwards you'll also check out the famous old ferry of Arnis and check out the smallest town of Germany.

10:00a.m.Sailing tour on the Schlei

Sailing tour on the Schlei

Start your day with a sailing tour on the Schlei

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Take the old ferry of Arnis

From Sundsacker you'll start with an old ferry to Arnis

03:30p.m.Discovering Arnis

Going for a walk in Arnis

Discover the smallest town of Germany: Arnis.

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Relaxing and Spa at the Baltic Sea Resort of Damp

Now you've done such a lot of sports activities. So it's time to rleax. Enjoy the chilling atmosphere of the Baltic Sea Resort of Damp and check out the Spa offers as well as the pools.


Yoga on the beach

Start your day with a Yoga lesson on the beach


Spa massage at the Vital Centre

Just relax - during a spa massage


Lunch at baltic sea restaurant

Enjoy a wonderful meal for lunch at the baltic sea restaurant


Relaxing at the pool

Relax at the pool with panoramic baltic sea view.


Go for a walk on the beach

You really have to enjoy yourself at the great baltic sea beach of Damp


Dinner at Damp marina

Enjoy a gala dinner at the Damp marina

04.DayCycling from Schwansen to the Schlei Villages

Cycling tour from Schwansen to the Schlei villages

Today you'll leave Schwansen during a cycling tour to discover the beauty of the Schlei villages and it's idyllic landscape as well as delicious food.

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05.DayDiscover Kappeln

Discovering the harbour city of Kappeln

Get in touch with the beautiful harbour city of Kappeln. Try one of our guided tours, discover the smallest town of germany, Arnis, and enjoy delicious sweets at the Schokoladenküche.

Discover Kappeln
10:00a.m.Historical tour maritime

Historical tour or guided tour

Try one of our historical tours or a guided tour

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12:00p.m.Disvovering Arnis

Excursion to Arnis

The smallest town of germany is very worth seeing.

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Enjoy delicious chocolate at the Schokoladenküche

At the Schokoladenküche you can enjoy delicious sweets.


Nature and culture on the Schwansen peninsula

Today you'll get in touch with local nature and culture of the Schwansen peninsula. You'll start your day with a delicious breakfast at Stubbe estade. Afterwards you'll check out the Phonomuseum of Holzdorf. Finally you'll stop at "Naschikönig" & Hülsen.


Breakfast at Stubbe estade

Over here you'll enjoy a wonderful breakfast made of local products

12:00p.m.Discovering the Phono museum of Holzdorf

Visiting the phono museum of Holzdorf

Really soundful: the pono museum of Holzdorf

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Lunch at Kosler Hof

Deilicious local food for lunch at Kosler Hof


Visiting the Naschikönig

Real sweet temptations at the Naschikönig


Visiting the Marina of Hülsen

Local coffee and cake specialities with a panoramic Schlei view awaits you over here.


Between megalithic grave, honey and beaches

In the morining you'll visit the megalithic grave of Karlsminde. Afterwards you'll check out Flügelchen Honig, a local beekeeper and discover the baltic sea beaches of Schwansen.

10:00a.m.Discover the megalithic grave of Karlsminde

Discover the megalithic grave of Karlsminde

Discover a piece of history at the megalithic grave of Karlsminde.

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Visiting the beekeeper "Flügelchen Honig" in Waabs

Learn lots of exciting stuff about bees and blossoms

03:00p.m.Discover the beaches in Schwansen

Discovering the beach at Waabs-Langholz

Finally you'll discover the beautiful beachside of Waabs-Langholz.

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