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Beach holidays at the Schwansen PeninsulaBeaches of the Schwansen Peninsula

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Beaches of the Schwansen Peninsula

For an unforgettable beach vacation on the Schwansen Peninsula

There are many diverse options for beach adventures at the Schlei and Baltic Sea and there is a perfect beach for everyone. From the classic fine-sandy beaches, the pebbly beaches and cliffs to the romantic, untouched bathing bays – there is nothing left to be desired.

Fun and sports, spa and pleasure can be experienced at the Baltic Sea Resort Damp. Enjoy a great time at this four kilometre long fine-sandy beach, have a delicious cocktail at the beach bar or take part in one of the premium feel-good activities – sea views guaranteed or check out one of Schwansens best kept secret beach in Langholz.

Beautiful beach memories

Having fun at the baltic sea

  • Strand in Hohenstein auf der Halbinsel Schwansen
  • Strand in Langholz auf der Halbinsel Schwansen
  • Picknick am Strand in Schwansen
  • Mädchen an der Steilküste in Schwansen

Beach Locator

Beaches of the Schwansen Peninsula

SBeaches of the Schwansen Peninsula
Activity beach at Damp's south beach

The activity beach at Damp's south beach has a length of 4 kilometres and is partly suitable for wheelchairs. It also contains a dog beach and nudist section. Sport and leisure activities offer a great time. Refreshments are served in a nearby bistro, kiosk and beach bar.

A free large car park is located at the village entrance with a free shuttle service to the beach. Another car park is located directly at the beach but it is only free for the first hour. Kiteboarding and surfing is also allowed at the beach.

Fischleger beach in Damp

The Fischleger beach in Damp is considerably more quiet than the south beach and activity beach in the village. Here, you can enjoy pure Baltic-Sea romance on a great two kilometre beach. The distance to the free car park is about 200 metres.

Baltic Sea beach Schönhagen

The Baltic Sea beach Schönhagen which is subject to tourist tax is partly sandy and partly pebbly and offers a flat-sloping entrance into the sea. As it is in part wheelchair-accessible, it is even suitable for disabled people. Various sport and recreational activities complement the options in Schönhagen.

Schubystrand at the campsite

The two kilometre long flat-sloping Schubystrand has a relaxing entrance into the water. The beach is located next to a campsite so that a playground and showers are in close proximity. A car park is 600 metres away from the beach.

Baltic Sea beach between Waabs and Hemmelmark

The Baltic Sea beach between Waabs and Hemmelmark with its sections Barkelsby, Booknis, Hökholz-Ritenrade, Kleinwaabs, Langholz, Lehmberg beach, Ludwigsburg and Karlsminde is quite versatile. From a sandy to a pebbly beach with cliffs – a rich diversity offers the best conditions to satisfy every Baltic Sea fan. In Kleinwaabs and Langholz, you can even find a dog section. Free car parks are available about 300 metres away.

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Guest Feedback

Absolutely relaxing at the Peninsula

I love to spend my vacation on the Peninsula together with my family. We often use our camper. Last year we had also spend some days in a beautiful holiday home in Langholz together with my grandparents. We really enjoyed it over there as well.

And my children had also have a lot of fun at the Ostsee Resort of Damp during the last few years.

Rosemarie K. from Gelsenkirchen (Germany)

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