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History out of neolithic agesThe Long Barrow of Karlsminde

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Long Barrow of Karlsminde

A megalithic grave out of neolithic ages

  • Langbett von Karlsminde: Gedenkstätte
  • Wald am Langbett von Karlsminde
  • Langbett von Karlsminde

The long barrow in Karlsminde is a megalithic grave which dates back to the Neolithic age in approximately 2500 BC. A megalithic grave in Northern Germany usually consists of boulders or foundlings. The German word for a megalithic grave is "Hünengrab" which means a grave for giants. However, it's simply a large burial site set with large boulders.

The long barrow in Kalrsminde is 56 metres long and was restored between 1976 and 1978. Today, it's an imposing archaeological monument – a rocky work of art if you like – open for the public to see. The boulders weigh up to 2.5 tons.

The grave chamber was the final resting place for those who had passed away and was filled with agricultural equipment, valuable jewellery and earthenware to take along to the other side.

Within the boundaries of the long barrow in Karslminde, urn graves were found dating back to the Ice Age, thus proving that the grave was used after the birth of Jesus Christ. Surrounded by high trees the long barrow in Karlsminde is located idyllically between the estates Hohenstein and Ludwigsburg. Even today, you can feel the relaxing silence in the middle of the country.

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And my children had also have a lot of fun at the Ostsee Resort of Damp during the last few years.

Rosemarie K. from Gelsenkirchen (Germany)

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