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The sound of the old school on the Schwansen peninsulaPhono Museum Alte Schule (old school) in Holzdorf

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A brief insight in tonal rarities

It's where the music plays

  • Phonomuseum Alte Schule in Holzdorf
  • Phonomuseum Alte Schule: Ausstellungsraum
  • Gramophone im Phonomuseum alte Schule in Holzdorf
  • Gramophone und Plattenspieler im Phonomuseum alte Schule in Holzdorf

Don't we all yearn for the sound of the good old school, in a time when we are all surrounded by MP3 players, smartphones and tablets? We're not talking about the educational centre where we received our qualification.

The Phono Museum "Alte Schule" (old school) in Holzdorf presents radios and gramophones in our modern digital age. The private museum shows both the technical and historical development of the phonographic industry starting in 1880 up to the year 1965. The museum is located in the restored building of the former village school house.

We recommend being captivated from the guided tour. The exhibition consists of 800 devices among an area of 400 square metres. One of the oldest exhibits are Reginaphones which were replaced by the classical record in the late 19th century.

An Eletrola record changer from 1928 is also part of the museum's inventory. Back then, the price was 3,500 Reichsmark which is the equivalent of 14,600 euros.
In the radio-broadcast receivers section, you can find a detector radio, tube radios (e.g. NS-era radios), transistor radios and popular Braun-classics of the post-war period. You can also find various tape recorders, and early video recorders. The majority of these devices are fully functional and are repaired and maintained with great passion and care for demonstration.

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Absolutely relaxing at the Peninsula

I love to spend my vacation on the Peninsula together with my family. We often use our camper. Last year we had also spend some days in a beautiful holiday home in Langholz together with my grandparents. We really enjoyed it over there as well.

And my children had also have a lot of fun at the Ostsee Resort of Damp during the last few years.

Rosemarie K. from Gelsenkirchen (Germany)

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