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Viking City of Schleswig

Living cultural history

The Vikings lived in Northern Europe and also in the Schlei and Baltic Sea region between the 8th and 11th century. One of the most important settlements and trading centres of that time was the former port town Hedeby. The Schlei was once the merchant's hub between the North Sea and Baltic Sea.
In the course of time, Hedeby has regularly been attacked by enemies thus becoming less and less attractive as a trading centre. In the year 1066, the Slavs came to Hedeby and burnt it down, which subsequently led to its abandonment.

Another settlement about three kilometres away became the Viking's new home – Schleswig. To this day, you can visit Hedeby with its semi-circle wall, which once belonged to the entire fortification erected to protect the settlement.

The most valuable cultural centre of the Viking history is the Hedeby Viking Museum with its diverse world of experience around the true-to-original Viking houses and the medieval fortification – the Danevirke.

From todays viking perspective

Viking Museum, Viking Houses & Viking events

  • Wikinger in den Wikingerhäusern in Haithabu
  • Wikingerhandwerk in Haithabu
  • Wikinger mit Wikingerboot am Steg
  • Wikingermuseum in Haithabu
  • Wikingermuseum Haithabu: Bootshalle

Cultural Gems in Schleswig

Castle of Gottorf, Fishers settlement Holm & Sankt Petri Cathedral

  • Schloss Gottorf in Schleswig an der Schlei
  • Barockgarten in Schleswig an der Schlei
  • Gottorfer Globus in Schleswig
  • Sankt Petri Dom in Schleswig an der Schlei
  • Fischersiedlung Holm in Schleswig
  • Stadtpark Königswiesen in Schleswig an der Schlei
  • Schleipromenade in Schleswig
  • Wappen von Schleswig an der Schleipromenade in Schleswig

Another cultural gem can be found at the entrance of Schleswig. The Gottorf Castle hosting two of the Schleswig-Holstein State Museums. Here, you can find Gottorf Globe – a reconstruction of the 17th century wonder of the world in the middle of the great Baroque garden.

Not only at the city entrance but also in the city centre you can discover impressive historical traces. The Cathedral of St. Peter with its Brüggemann-Altar towers 112-metre high above Schleswig's old town.

This district is characteristic for its fishing settlement Holm which invites you for a stroll. The close location to the Schlei also offers great walks along the water, regardless of whether you choose the Königswiesen (royal gardens) or the Schlei promenade, where you can spot sailing ships and pleasure boats such as the "Wappen von Schleswig" (coat of arms of Schleswig).

Concrete Tips for your holiday

How to spend a day, a weekend or a week in Schleswig

A day
A weekend
A Week

A day

24 hours of cultural impressions: Follow the steps of the vikings in and around Schleswig. Our experts have got useful tips for a perfect day in Schleswig.


A weekend

Our experts take care of your weekend in Schleswig. You'll discover the cultural and maritime part of Schleswig.


A Week

You'll spend a week in Schleswig? We have got some very exciting tips for you including cultural and adventural parts.


Historic tours in the viking city of Schleswig

Walking in the footsteps of history

Holm Fishing Settlement
Bellmann district

Holm Fishing Settlement

We invite you to take a pleasant walk on the trail of history around Schleswig’s city harbour and in the picturesque fishing settlement of Holm. We’ll also take a trip back in time at the former Monastery of St. John.


Bellmann district

This tour runs uphill from the Lollfuß shopping street. Along the way from the Michaelisallee over the Hesterberg to the Petersenburg you will learn more about the illustrious history of the Schleswig-Holstein anthem.



During this walk you'll discover another oasis of history in Schleswig: the Friedrichsberg district - economy and community near the ducal palace.



During your walk Busdorf-Haddeby-Haithbau you'll follow the stepts of vikings, have a look at the Busdorf rune stone and the viking museum of Hedeby as well as the walll of Margarethe.


Cultural & shopping tips

Cultural ans shopping tips around Schleswig

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My vacation at the viking city of Schleswig

I've already been a few times in the viking city of Schleswig for vacation. I'm still really impressed of the wonderful historic places round the castle of gottorf for example or the viking museum of Haithabu.

Theo B. from Berlin (Germany)

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