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Tips for a day in Schleswig


Get in Touch with the viking city

Get in touch with the beautiful historical part of Schleswig and the unique viking settlement of Haithabu. Afterwards enjoy a dinner with delicious local producs in the historical restaurant Haddeby.

10.00a.m.Historical Tour

Historical tour or guided tour in Schleswig

Follow one of our historical tours or do a guides tour.

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11:00a.m.Cathedral of St. Peter

Sightseeing at Cathedral of St. Peter

Now you're visting the impressive cathedral of St. Peter in Schleswig

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12:00p.m.City Harbour of Schleswig

Enjoy fish rolls at the city harbour

Enjoy a delicious fish roll at the city harbour of Schleswig.

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Crossing with the barge "Hein" to Haithabu

Now you'll cross the Schlei to Haithabu

01:00p.m.Haithabu Viking Museum

Sightseeing at Haithabu

Follow the steps of the vikings in Haithabu

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Tea time at the historical restaurant Haddeby

Enjoy the afternoon with a bench of delicious local cakes.

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