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Tips how to spend a weekend in Schleswig


Get in Touch with the viking city

Get in touch with the beautiful historical part of Schleswig and the unique viking settlement of Haithabu. Afterwards enjoy a dinner with delicious local producs in the historical restaurant Haddeby.

10:00a.m.Historical tour in Schleswig

Historical tour or guided tour in Schleswig

Follow one of our historical tours or do a guides tour.

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11:00a.m.Cathedral of St. Peter

Sightseeing at Cathedral of St. Peter

Now you're visting the impressive cathedral of St. Peter in Schleswig

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12:00p.m.City harbour of Schleswig

Enjoy fish rolls at the city harbour

Enjoy a delicious fish roll at the city harbour of Schleswig.

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Crossing with the barge "Hein" to Haithabu

Now you'll cross the Schlei to Haithabu

01:00p.m.Viking Museum of Haithabu

Sightseeing at Haithabu

Follow the steps of the vikings in Haithabu

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Tea time at the historical restaurant Haddeby

Enjoy the afternoon with a bench of delicious local cakes.


Shopping and cultural activities in Schleswig

Your second day has got a smart, local touch. In the morning you'll discover the city harbour as well as Schleswig downtown. Afterward you'll discover the Castle of Gottorf and all its surroundings.


Breakfast at a Cafe in Schleswig

A good day starts with a perfect breakfast.

11:30a.m.Shopping in Schleswig

Discover local products in Schleswig

Let's go: Discover Schleswigs downtown area.

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12:30p.m.Historical Tour Bellmann district

Historical tour around the Bellmann district

Have a wonderful walk round the Bellmann district

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02.00p.m.Gottorf Castle

Sightseeing at the Castle of Gottorf

Enjoy a sightseeing tour round the beautiful castle of Gottorf

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03:30p.m.Baroque garden

Sightseeing at the baroqhe garden

Life is a flower at the baroque garden of Schleswig.

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04:00p.m.Gottorf Globe

Sightseeing at Gottorf Globe

Travel the whole world in just a few minutes.

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The maritime part of Schleswig

The maritime day starts with a breakfast at our city harbour followed by a walk by all the beautiful boats over there. Afterwards you'll check out a pedalo and an excursion boat.

10.00a.m.Schleswig city harbour

Breakfast at the city harbour

Enjoy breakfast at the morning sun of Schleswig

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Going for a walk at the city harbour

Enjoy the beautiful view round the schlei.

11.30a.m.Check out a Pedalo

Check out a pedalo

Discover Schleswig from the waterside

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Lunch at the Königswiesen

Get a picnic basket and enjoy lunch at the Köngswiesen

02:00p.m.Shipping on the Schlei

Discover the Schlei by boat

Discover the Schlei by excursion boat

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Dinner at Restaurant Wikingerschänke

Enjoy dinner like the vikings did in Busdorf

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