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Landscape design in SchleswigBaroque garden in Schleswig

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Baroque garden

The green oasis round Gottorf castle

  • Barockgarten in Schleswig
  • Ausblick auf den Barockgarten in Schleswig
  • Spaziergang im Barockgarten in Schleswig
  • Sonnenblume im Barockgarten in Schleswig
  • Pflanzenwelt im Barockgarten in Schleswig
  • Blick auf die Pflanzenwelt im Barockgarten in Schleswig

In 1637, Frederick III, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp, had a gorgeous garden laid out about 800 metres from the castle island on which you can find the state museum of Schleswig-Holstein, Gottorf Castle.

The garden was first referred to as "das neue Werk" meaning 'the new work' which incidentally is where the street "Neuwerk" near the Schloss obtained its name. The Baroque garden was the first terraced garden in the Italian style in central Europe.

Court gardener Johannes Clodius was entrusted with designing the garden, which consisted initially of the Hercules pond, a ground-level parterre with an octagonal pavilion at its centre and a raised garden terrace.

In 2005, the garden has been restored using historical plans and descriptions and is now the most popular among visitors who enjoy the colourful flowerage and the fantastic atmosphere. Archaeological investigations of the area provided supplementary information substantiated in the historic sources, and also illuminated the garden’s long decline in the 18th and 19th centuries. The baroque garden of Gottorf Castle can also be discovered with an audio guide. There are 18 stations at which the visitor can learn something about the construction of the garden, its moving history and vegetation.

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Gottorf castle and Gottorf globe

Gottorf Castle
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Gottorf Castle

At the Gottorf castle you'll discover art- and cultural history from the 11. to the 20. century.


Gottorf Globe

The Gottorf Globe had been and still is a futuristic technical marvel. Discover the whole world in just 12 minutes and have a look at fascinating stars.


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At the viking city of Schleswig you'll discover lots of beautiful museums and a beautiful old town as well. Beeing here feels like history class in real life.

Petra E. from Gelderkinden (Switzerland)

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