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One of the largest cultural monuments in the northThe Cathedral of St. Peter at Schleswig

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The Cathedral of St. Peter

The largest cultural monument in Schleswig

  • Sankt Petri Dom Schleswig
  • Sankt Petri Dom in Schleswig bei Nacht
  • Sankt Petri Dom Schleswig: Drei Königsaltar
  • Sankt Petri Dom: Kreuzgang Schwahl

The most important medieval monument of the city of Schleswig is the almost 900 year old Cathedral of St. Peter at Schleswig. As soon as you enter this imposing house of God, you sense the cathedral's history. Many things from the Romanesque and Gothic building period are worth seeing. Even single influences from the Renaissance and Baroque period can be spotted here.

One of the oldest sacred exhibits and the earliest example of its kind north of the Alps is the Dreikönigsaltar (triptych) with its life-sized, true-to-life figures from the year 1300.
Historians assume that the Cathedral of St. Peter at Schleswig was built around 1105 AD presumably on the foundation of a previous building.

In the year 1300, extensive enhancements of the cathedral began, lasting one century. During this building period, the cloister - the so-called "Schwahl" - was erected. Nowadays, the Schwahl is known beyond the city borders for its Schwahlmarkt, the annual Christmas market.

The Brüggemann-Altar

Real craftsmanship and memorable woodcarving

Brüggemann Altar im Sankt Petri Dom Schleswig

The most popular artwork in the cathedral is the 1521 carved Brüggemann-Altar. The triptych consists of 400 figures carved from oak-wood and is one of the most intricate and imposing altars in Northern Europe. During the 17th and 18th century, the cathedral received a large supply of artwork from the nobility of Gottorf Castle. Among the artwork were the Blue Madonna and the Kielmannsegg-Altar.

The High Tower of the Cathedral

Aiming 112 metre high

  • Sankt Petri Dom: Turm
  • Sankt Petri Dom: Turm im Sommer
  • Sankt Petri Dom: Turmfront
  • Blick auf den Sankt Petri Dom von den Königswiesen

Despite the encroachment of modern high-rise buildings, the unmistakable silhouette of the cathedral, with its 112 metre tall west tower, ridge turret and stair tower, continues to dominate the Schleswig skyline. Besides the double towers of the Marien Church in Lübeck, it is the highest steeple in Schleswig-Holstein.

The observation platform, which is 65 metres above the ground, is also well worth the climb.

Events in the Cathedral of St. Peter at Schleswig


Weihnachtsmarkt Schwahlmarkt im Sankt Petri Dom in Schleswig an der Schlei

Besides the services in the cathedral, it also has much more to offer than most people think. Throughout the year, many beautiful events take place, such as several organ and choir concerts. In this unique atmosphere, the voices of the choirs are really accentuated in the most amazing way. Another highlight is the annual Schwahlmarkt, a Christmas market known beyond the city borders for its arts and crafts.

Please feel free to ask the tourist information for current events in the cathedral or take a look at our calendar of events.

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Following the steps of Schleswigs history

At the viking city of Schleswig you'll discover lots of beautiful museums and a beautiful old town as well. Beeing here feels like history class in real life.

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