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In Touch with historyCity Museum of Schleswig

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Welcome to Schleswig city museum

A living history of Schleswig

  • Stadtmuseum Schleswig: Eingang
  • Eingangsbereich im Stadtmuseum in Schleswig
  • Evolution des Rades im Stadtmuseum in Schleswig
  • Teddybärhaus im Stadtmuseum in Schleswig

Gottorf Castle, the Hedeby Viking Museum and other cultural sites in Schleswig should actually cover the city's history sufficiently but the Schleswig City Museum offers yet another perspective on the 1,200 year history of the city. As soon as you walk towards the Günderothsche Hof you are able to sense the past of this historic building. What choice can be more obvious than to dwell on the history of beautiful Schleswig inside this historic building?

The estate is one of the most beautiful manors in Northern Germany. It served as a palace for guests of the duke's equerry Friedrich von Günderoth. However, the Günderothsche Hof hasn't always looked the way it looks today. The manor was extended in the 18th century by the two erected half-timbered houses surrounding the main residence. The representative entrance hall with its rare late-baroque staircase is particularly worth seeing. Since 1932, the city of Schleswig organises the city museum. The exhibition area grew continuously by including other buildings in the vicinity.

The Schleswig City Museum narrates the history and culture of Schleswig from the Middle Ages through the present day. Among the topics examined are Hedeby, the city’s “golden age” under the Dukes of Gottorp the Danish-German conflict of the 19th century, Schleswig’s role as a Prussian provincial capital and the development of the fishing village on the Holm.

More museums of the Schleswig City Museum

Holm-Museum und Museum for Outsiderkunst

Museum for Outisderkunst


The Holm-Museum one of two field offices of the City Museum of Schleswig and is located at the fishermens settlement Holm since 1992. Over here you can get in touch with the very exciting history of holm fishers.


Museum for Outisderkunst

Discover a very special kind of art made by very creative disabled persons which is shown in Schleswigs museum for Outsiderkunst.


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The History of the viking city of Schleswig

Guest Feedback

Following the steps of Schleswigs history

At the viking city of Schleswig you'll discover lots of beautiful museums and a beautiful old town as well. Beeing here feels like history class in real life.

Petra E. from Gelderkinden (Switzerland)

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