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Entertaiment in SchleswigVariete Theatre Heimat

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From the "Schleihalle" to the "Heimat"

Modern entertaiment in Schleswig

  • Veranstaltungssaal in der Heimat in Schleswig
  • Martin Reinl in der Heimat in Schleswig
  • Publikumsinteraktion in der Heimat in Schleswig
  • Klavier auf der Bühne in der Heimat

Some people assume that the "Heimat" is the first music hall of its kind in Schleswig. Back in the 1960s, however, there was also another music hall called "Schleihalle" which enjoyed nationwide popularity. Unfortunately, the "Schleihalle" was closed and vanished due to the structural development in Schleswig.

Decades of yearning for an evening culture in the Schlei city Schleswig, Mario Hoff initiated the "Heimat" project following the glory days of the "Schleihalle" with a modern and guiding cultural concept and a lot of personal initiative.

In the shortest time, the "Heimat" has turned into a cultural site that is again drawing the masses. The trend continues to this day thanks to the unique atmosphere of the former barrack and high-class performers from the media world regularly finding their way to Schleswig.

The artists especially value the charming premises and the nonintrusive proximity of the audience here in the variety theatre "Heimat" in Schleswig.

Impressions of the old Schleihalle

Back to the 1950s

  • Alte Schleihalle in Schleswig
  • Alte Schleihalle in Schleswig: Rückseite
  • Alte Schleihalle: Parkplatz

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Guest Feedback

Following the steps of Schleswigs history

At the viking city of Schleswig you'll discover lots of beautiful museums and a beautiful old town as well. Beeing here feels like history class in real life.

Petra E. from Gelderkinden (Switzerland)

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